Parish Councillors must declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests, by completing a Declaration of Interests form. These forms can be viewed on the Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council Website by clicking here.

Frank Bunce Chairman Frank Bunce (Blackfirs Ward)

Telephone: 0121 779 2606

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Clive Vice Chairman Clive Hill (Marston Green Ward)

Telephone: 0121 779 3885

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Barbara Barbara Tocher (Bickenhill Ward)

Telephone: 01675 442763

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Donna Donna Williams (Marston Green Ward)

Telephone: 0121 779 5090

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Kim Wallace Kim Wallace (Marston Green Ward)

Telephone: 0121 242 3984

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Karen Dunn Karen Dunn (Blackfirs Ward)

Telephone: 0121 779 3560

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Jon Horton Jon Horton (Bickenhill Ward)

Telephone: 07879 430533

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Jessica Rathbone Jessica Rathbone (Merstone Ward)

Telephone: 0121 779 5150

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Wayne Hadley Wayne Hadley (Marston Green Ward)

Telephone: 07751 901187

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