Burials and Interments

The Parish Council would like to offer their condolences for your loss. We hope that we can make the process of finding a final resting place for your loved one as simple as possible.

Burial Ground Location

Purchasing a Right of Burial (grave or ashes)

Burial plots (where a coffin is placed in a grave) and ashes plots (where the deceased’s ashes are interred in an ashes casket) are available to purchase by residents living in the parish. The right of burial lasts for 75 years. Residents can choose to pre-purchase a right of burial if they wish to.

In addition to purchasing the right of burial, you will need to pay interment fees (the cost of interring the body or ashes). Please note: Fees will vary depending on whether or not the deceased was living in the parish when they passed away.

Click here to view our current Burial Ground Fees

Click here to view the current Burial Ground regulations

Requesting an Interment/Burial or Ashes plot

If you wish to request an interment for your loved one, or want to purchase a right of burial, download and complete the relevant application form below and email it to the Parish Clerk at [email protected].