Road Closures: Catherine de Barnes Lane, Bickenhill 26 June until 2024.

Over the next 12 months, there will be a series of closures affecting Catherine de Barnes Lane. This is to allow Skanska to carry out excavation and construction work. Exact dates for each closure and what will be involved will be advertised in advance.

The first closure runs for 4 weeks, beginning on Monday 26th June at 00:01 and ending on Sunday 23rd July at 23:59. Works will extend from the Clock Island to St Peters Lane (north junction) once the temporary closure on Solihull Road has been removed.

There will be a signed diversion route via Hampton Lane, Damson Parkway and Coventry Road A45. Vice versa for the opposite direction.

Access cannot be provided through the restriction for Police, Fire and Ambulance Services responding to emergencies. Pedestrian access to all properties within the restriction and access through the restriction will be maintained along defined routes throughout the period of closure.

Click the map images below to see full details of the areas affected by these closures.