Fire Door Safety Week – 21-27 September

Solihull Community Housing are this week supporting a nationwide campaign highlighting the importance of Fire Doors.

Fire Door Safety Week helps raise awareness of the critical role fire doors play in the safety of multiple occupancy buildings. The campaign also teaches residents how to identify a faulty fire door and who to alert if they have any concerns.

Solihull Community Housing are sharing important safety messages across their social media platforms and website throughout Fire Door Safety Week.

These include a helpful five-step safety check for identifying a fire door fault, as well as some useful tips for high and low rise residents, reinforcing the critical role and importance of fully-functioning fire doors.

SCH chief executive Fiona Hughes said “We are pleased to support Fire Door Safety Week. This is a very important campaign for social housing providers and landlords across the UK.

“Many of our customers live in high rise or low rise buildings and their safety is vital to us. It is essential that we ensure all fire doors are thoroughly checked on a regular basis and that our tenants are aware of how to spot and alert us to a potential fire door fault.”

Fire Door Safety Week runs from 21-27 September