National Highways: M40/M42 Interchange Scheme: Advanced Works Phase

Contractors bmJV working on behalf of National Highways will be carrying out work on the M40/M42 interchange.

The next phase of work will start on 20 September and continue until the end of the year. bmJV will be working in the hard shoulder and their team will be clearing some vegetation and installing temporary ducting for cables. This will help link signs, signals and cameras so that they can manage and operate the network safely and efficiently when they start to build the main scheme.

Where possible, work will continue at night time when the roads are  quietest. However as some of this work will be noisy, to minimise disruption, work will be carried out during the daytime too. To keep workforce and motorists safe, the hard shoulder will be closed in 1km (0.6 miles) sections while work takes place.

bmJV will start work on the M42 northbound carriageway from just before junction 3 and continue north, completing each section before moving onto the next. Some evening lane closures will be required to move traffic management equipment as work progresses.

Hard shoulder closures on the southbound carriageway around the M42 junction 3a will be installed so that similar ducting works can be completed in that area.

The following lane closures will affect Northbound and / or southbound carriageway from the M42 junction 3 to M40 junction 16 from 20 September to 24 December 2021:

  • Hard shoulder: 24-hour closure in 1km sections – weekly from Mondays 1am to Saturdays 6am.
  • Lane 1 and 2 closures: – 9pm to 6am – in 4km sections – weeknights, as required.

Please note: Planned road closures may be cancelled due to poor weather or for operational reasons.

There will be advanced signage in place to inform and remind drivers of these closures.

National Highways are conscious of the need to keep the region moving. and so will coordinate their work with HS2 and the Commonwealth Games to minimise disruption to the network and are currently finalising their work programme on this basis.

bmJV will deliver the scheme by 2023-24.